What is the Skyview Care Closet?

We provide food, clothes, shoes, school supplies and toiletries to Skyview students who are in need. We can help once or multiple times.

How do students access the Care Closet?

Order forms are available online, at the Attendance Office window, wing clerk desks and counselors offices. Students check off what items they need, return the forms to the Attendance Office, and the items are delivered.

Is it private?

Yes! Only student numbers are used-no names. The bags are also delivered to the location of the student’s choosing.

How can I help?

We have specific food items needed and are fully stocked for many categories. Please use the email link below to see if we are in need of anything specific before donating. Also, we and cannot accept expired foods. Please check expiration dates before dropping off items.

At this time we have all the clothing we need as well, aside from hoodie sweatshirts and winter coats.
Please contact Stephanie.Mcgarvie@vansd.org for more information.