Skyview School Culture

Skyview is proud to operate as a school community via our core values of TRUST, INTEGRITY, and a commitment to EXCELLENCE. These positive character traits guide all behaviors within our school, and are adopted by all, from our students in each grade level to our staff, faculty, and administration.

We believe that education is more than just academics; as a school community we are preparing students to enter the world not just as college- and career-ready adults, but as conscious and engaged citizens in an ever-changing world. Our school provides a dedicated time to explore our core values and examine how these behaviors are the foundation for success in school and beyond.


At Skyview, our positive behavior is guided by our school’s “Storm Standards,” five easy-to-understand character values that define TRUST, INTEGRITY, and a commitment to EXCELLENCE. When students embrace our core values, they are embodying the Storm Standards. These standards for positive behavior are expectations for all staff and students, and in all areas of the building.

The Skyview Storm Standards

1. Do what’s right, even when nobody’s watching.

2. Take pride in our school and your membership in the Skyview community. Step up and pitch in.

3. Commit to demonstrating respect and inclusion.

4. Support the success of yourself and those around you.

5. Be mindful of how your actions impact others.

It is essential that our behavior expectations reflect the environment that our students deem the most safe, supportive, and successful. Therefore, Storm Standards were developed using specific feedback provided by our student body during a Storm Time community circle in the fall of 2016.

Storm Standards help ensure equal treatment for all, and create a common language for encouraging and recognizing positive behavior on campus.