Frequently asked questions

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If you are new to Skyview Tennis or would like more information about our teams, this is a good first stop for information. Detailed information about the team can be found here. Here are the questions that most players ask.

Q: In which seasons are tennis played?
A: The men's season is in the fall. Practice begins in late August BEFORE school starts. You need to clear in August. The season runs until around the first of November. The girls season is in the spring and begins around the first of March. The season runs until early May. District tournaments are held at the end of each respective season. Some district qualifiers may play in playoffs at the end of each respective season. The state tournament is held in May.

Q: Can I play if I've never played before?
A: Yes. We are one of the few sports in high school that provide newcomers to the sport an opportunity to both learn a sport and get playing time. We are a bona fide USTA-registered no-cut tennis team. We love tennis and want you to do the same. We do not have try-outs. If you clear and attend 10 practices, you will be playing matches. I guarantee it!

Q: Do you have organized lessons?
A: We have reccomend lessons at Vancouver Tennis Center and Club Green Meadows. We can also arrange for you to join existing junior development lessons at either of these clubs. We strongly encourage our players to practice and play outside of their seasons.

Q: What do I need to do to clear?
A: You need to get an athletic packet from the main or business office. You need to have a physical. You need to pay the activity fee. You need to complete ALL forms and return them before the first day of practice to the business office. You cannot practice until you have all materials signed and returned. Don't wait to the last minute! If you have already cleared for another sport or activity, you can simply pay the activity fee. Your physical is good for 24 months.

Q: What equipment or clothing do I need?
A: 1. You should have a good pair of tennis shoes. Crosstrainers or basketball shoes are acceptable. Running or casual shoes are not acceptable. 2. You should have a decent racquet. If you don't have one, don't buy one without first consulting with a coach or teaching pro. There are many types of racquets. You can spend a lot of money for a racquet poorly suited to your game. Don't assume that racquets used by pros will work for you. We have temporary racquets available if you need one. Uniforms are provided to all players. This may include a warmup and/or shirt. You may need to provide shorts or skirt to go with the shirt. Players will be able to purchase a team t-shirt and/or sweatshirt if desired.

Q: Do you cut?
A: No. However, the girls squad can be very large. Late clears may not get their choice of practice times. Come early. Come often.

Q: Do you have a ladder?
A: For the top 18 players (varsity and JV), there will be a singles and doubles ladder. For C squad, the coach may form a doubles ladder at their discretion. In general, C squads will not have a formal ladder. Since we don't cut, why worry?

Q: When do you practice?
A: It depends on your level. 1st practice is from 2:15-4:00, and 2nd practice is from 3:00-4:30. Sometimes we do 3 practices.

Q: What about matches?
A: We have 14-16 matches played both at Skyview and other schools. Matches usually start between 3-3:30. If you have cleared and completed 10 practices, you will have a chance to play. On some occasions, if you play JV or C Squad, you may not play every match. Every effort is made to provide each C squad team with around 8 matches. JV and C matches are bused on the numbers of players that other schools have. One way Bus transportation is provided to away matches for local matches. 2 Way buses are only available to us for long distance away matches.