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Thinking about playing tennis at Skyview? We'd love to have you! To get cleared for the team, go to the following website or contact our business office at 360-313-4225.

There are a whole lot of reasons to give it a spin. Both our boys and girls teams R-O-C-K. Here's why.

These are details about our team policies and expectations. If you have more basic questions, look at our FAQs.

Thanks for your interest in Skyview tennis. We want to introduce ourselves and share important information about tennis at Skyview High School.

Skyview Tennis is a great program. We have had the pleasure of sending both boys and girls to the state championship in past years and have won State Championships. In addition to elite-level players, we also are proud to have large turnouts of students simply wanting to learn and enjoy the game. Since 2006, Skyview has been recognized by the USTA for its commitment to no-cut tennis.

Both boys and girls teams have a history of great success on and off the court.

Tennis provides students with an opportunity to both excel athletically and learn the responsibilities of being an athlete. We view tennis as a lifelong activity and will be looking for a commitment to personal improvement, respect, and a positive attitude. We run a fun program, but expect everyone to give 100% and commit to excellence both on and off the court.

We are proud that our varsity teams are regularly recognized as 'Outstanding' in the WIAA Scholar-Athlete Program. We earn academic achievements as well including multiple State Academic Championships. Our players are distinguished both by their playing skills and their commitment to academic excellence.

I strive daily to help each student individually and collectively to become men and women of integrity, faith, love, and work by teaching dedication, hard work, perseverance, unity, positivity, accountability, and service.





PLAYER EXPECATIONS/CODE OF CONDUCT (Violation of these will result in immediate and indefinite suspension from the team)

 No cut sport=no experience necessary

Boys Fall: The suspension period for high school students shall be from the end of the previous semester through the last Saturday of September in the fall or the first five (5) weeks of the succeeding semester/trimester: September 25th 2015?
Girls Spring: student who has been declared academically ineligible due to Semester 1 grades cannot become eligible until March 3rd.  That is the end of the 3rd Qtr progress reporting period.)

-Respectful to teammates, coaches, and yourselves
-Communication is key (missed practices, games, issues, etc: Players are to email all coaches or tell us in person if they aren’t going to be at practice or match.
-Work hard, play hard, have fun (What you put in is what you’ll get out)
-Be here on time ready to work (We have limited time and weather so time is gold!)
-No “I” in team: We must trust each other. This is a team sport!
-10 practices before playing in 1st match
-No spot is taken from last year. Every spot is up for grabs
-Ladder System: challenges as needed


Practice information is given to players daily, tweeted out, and put on this website. For the girls season, we will design a schedule based on the number of girls clearing to play.

In the event of rain, practices may be held at indoor tennis facilities, at Skyview, or suspended depending on the players involved. Varsity players will always practice at available indoor facilities. JV and/or C squad players may practice indoors depending on court space and available transportation. Students are responsible for their own transportation to indoor practices. There is no charge to players for indoor practices.

Lessons and other workouts: we strongly encourage players to participate in tennis lessons, junior development, and professional coaching. If players will be working with outside programs, arrangements need to be made IN ADVANCE with the coach for scheduling practices. Any external instruction will take place in addition to, not in lieu of regular team practices as per WIAA regulations.

Team composition

The team is comprised of approximately 9 varsity, 9 junior varsity, and C squad positions comprising the remainder of the team. Coaches will determine a playing ladder for the top 18 players. C Squads may have informal ladders at the discretion of the coaches. Players will be able to challenge each other to move up. A varsity letter can be achieved by playing in 5 varsity matches, having NO unexcused absences, and no more than 3 tardies to practice.

Challenges may need to be done outside of practice time due to our large numbers. Challenged players must make every effort to schedule a match within 48 hours. If a challenged player does not accept the challenge or cannot play within 48 hours, they may forfeit their position. Players losing a challenge may not re-challenge until the player below them has an opportunity to challenge up if they elect to do so. Varsity challenges should be at least a pro set, if not a regular varsity three-set match. JV challenges can be a regular set.Challenges should be made within reasonable ladder positioning meaning within 3 spots on the ladder.

It is important to remember that placement on the ladder does not necessarily determine what position or event players will play in competition. Coaches will have final decision on match lineups and team composition for both season and district play as skill is only one factor that plays into lineup decisions.

Because of WIAA practice requirements, players clearing after the first few weeks of practice will miss some matches. In addition, late clears may not get their choice of practices due to numbers. Any clearances after the second week of practice require the signature of the head coach.

To be eligible to practice, players must be cleared at the business office. To be eligible for matches, players must be cleared and be passing 5 of 6 classes currently and at the previous grading period. If a player is ineligible, he/she must connect with the coach.

Preference in playing time, ladder placement, and participation in matches will be given to players eligible to play district and post-season for Skyview (players attending Skyview and resident in the Skyview boundaries.) At the coaches discretion, players not qualified to play in post-season competition may not play in selected season matches.


Our regular season comprises 14-16 matches against 3A and 4A teams. The schedule is subject to change due to weather and other issues. The most current schedule will be posted here on the Skyview Tennis website. The district and regional championships now occur after each respective season. State tournaments for both boys and girls take place in the spring.

Matches will start between 3-3:30PM. Varsity plays first, followed by JV and C squad if contested. Due to the size of our team, some players may not get to play every match. (See note below.)

Varsity players are expected to arrive for home matches at 2:45 and stay until all varsity matches are complete.

JV players are expected to arrive at home matches at 3:30 and stay until all matches are complete. Players #9-11 should plan to be available at 2:45 in the event of unexpected varsity absences or injuries.

C squad players should check in with the head coach between 2-2:30 to find out if they will be playing and at what time and location. Bus transportation will be provided to the group that is traveling. For some boys and girls matches, C squad may not begin until after 5PM.

Buses for away matches leave from the north (staff) parking lot at 2:30. Bus transportation will be provided ONE WAY to most away matches except for Kelso, Washougal, etc. If players do not wish to return on the bus, they can go home with PARENTS/designees ONLY as designated on release forms given the first day of practice. Friends or siblings cannot pick up players from away matches. Players can drive themselves to matches at Fort, River, Bay, VTC and/or Green Meadows with a signed permission slip. Players driving to matches must check in with the coaches prior to departing to the match. Players cannot ride with other players unless parent permission has been given.

Matches are generally called for inclement weather by 1PM. Parents and non-Skyview players can call 313-4235 for match information after 1PM. The match status is also posted on the homepage of this website, tweets are sent out that can be signed up for, and announcements made on the PA at the end of the day.

Behavior and attitude

Except at professional levels, tennis is a game without referees. Sportsmanship, respect, and fair play are expected on the tennis court. We expect each athlete to exhibit these traits with each other, themselves, the opposing team, and the coaches. Any rude or discourteous behavior will result in lost playing time. Skyview tennis players have developed a reputation for their sportsmanship, fairness, and responsibility. Play hard, play nice, and play fair.

We welcome friends and family to support us at matches. We would ask that friends and family follow these same expectations in supporting our athletes.

Player expectations

These expectations were created to ensure that all players take their role on the team seriously and are committed to the sport. They have been reviewed by the school's athletic director. While special circumstances may arise, unless arrangements are made IN ADVANCE, exceptions will not be made. All players have been informed of these rules in a pre-season meeting. Parents are expected to sign off on this document. Students choosing to participate understand that they are bound to these expectations.

Appointments and conflicts

Players will arrange appointments outside of practice time. The expectation is that all players practice with the team everyday. At the coaches discretion, players may be able to practice at an earlier or later practice during the day. Any conflicts regarding practices or matches must be resolved PRIOR to the day of practice or match.


Players will be at ALL practices and matches unless absent from school that day due to illness or prearranged absence. Students need to be physically prepared for their matches. If a practice is missed the day before a match (or a Friday before a Monday match), the student may have to give up their spot on the ladder for that match depending on the situation and coaches disgression. This is regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused.


Players are expected to participate in all training and conditioning activities. In order to prevent injury and ensure the highest success, tennis players need to be in top physical and mental condition. If a student cannot participate in conditioning activities due to a medical reason, they will need to sit out from practices until a doctor's note clears them for play. Unless you have a doctor's note, you will be expected to fully participate in all conditioning activities.


Varsity and JV players receive tops and bottoms. It is highly recommended that you purchase shoes designed for tennis. Running shoes are not acceptable. Players are responsible for practice gear. If you need help locating a source, ask the coaches.

Players are expected to bring their rackets and clothing every day, either for practice or matches. Do not assume matches are cancelled and neglect to bring your equipment.

Physicals and health

Players must have a physical examination from a doctor indicating that they can participate in sports. This needs to be submitted to the business office. There is also an activities fee. There are additional requirements and details about athletic clearance that are explained in the athletic packets available in the main office and business office. Players cleared for other sports for this school year need not get a second physical but do need to pay the activities fee.

If you have an injury, illness, or special medical condition, you must note this on your clearance forms and inform your coach at the first practice. We want you to be healthy and safe on the tennis court.

Permission forms

All players and parents are required to sign and return a permission form within the first week of practice. It includes an acknowledgement of having read and understood these policies. Parents can also elect to allow players to drive to VSD matches and/or have their name and picture on the Skyview Tennis website. Forms will be made available at the first practice. Here is the link to the permission form if you did not see it.

Other rules and regulations

In addition to these policies, players and coaches are bound to all applicable WIAA and GSHL rules and regulations. In the event of a conflict with the above policies, WIAA and GSHL rules will apply.

Contact information

Jay Gowen
Phone: 313-4235